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Manage the People-Side of Operations With Greater Precision and Ease

Achieve new levels of knowledge-work performance and productivity

DesignedWORK specializes in solving "people" problems and increasing the productivity of knowledge work — sales, service, technical, creative, professional and management roles. We have guided clients in most industries and regions of the world to breakthrough performance and productivity increases in their people-dependent operations.

DesignedWORK is able to pinpoint changes in work design that create powerful and enduring systemic improvements capable of resolving persistent workforce challenges, increasing current levels of performance and productivity, and creating new business-growth opportunities. For example, these improvements typically

  • Achieve new levels of engagement, performance and productivity
  • Resolve solution-resistant people problems and eliminate the costs
  • Enable organization members to create NEW economic value
  • Equip managers to experience greater control and spend less time managing people
  • Ensure strategy execution and accelerate change implementation

See what a difference DesignedWORK can make in your operation

Consider these results achieved across varied operations and challenges:

  • Quick productivity improvements of 7% to 42%
  • Systemic resolution of longstanding people problems (e.g., adaptability, engagement, performance)
  • Exceeded management's most aggressive workforce-KPI targets
  • Increased improvement gains for reengineering, lean and kaizen initiatives
  • Managers, engineers and HR better able to see, understand and support work performed by people
  • Manager-estimated 25% to 65% reductions in time required for day-to-day managing

Recipient of the
Humaneering Institute
Distinguished Partner Award

for "making substantial and enduring contributions to
the development of a humaneering technology
during the 2009-2012
private beta release."

Now you can improve the people-side of your own operations

DesignedWORK is among the first professional firms in the world with access to humaneering. Humaneering is in development as an applied science that will enable organizations to make more precise and powerful improvements in operations that are dependent on people for economic value creation. Humaneering translates and synthesizes relevant knowledge from more than 100 science disciplines into a design framework that simplifies application. Humaneering's emphasis on human nature effectively complements engineering's emphasis on physical nature, making an essential contribution when work is dependent on people (e.g., knowledge work).

Between 2009 and 2012 DesignedWORK assisted clients of the nonprofit Humaneering Institute with pioneering applications of humaneering (private-beta release). Now with the 2013 open-beta release of humaneering, DesignedWORK can now assist any company with services to support their discovery, trial, and exploitation of humaneering.

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