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YOUR people are the focus of the Capability Initiative

Enable operations improvement pros and managers with humaneering competency

Execute humaneering improvements faster, cheaper, easier, and smarter by developing your own trained and licensed humaneering practitioners to improve your operations

"I used to just see a value stream map . . . you know, process equipment, physical material, information flow. With humaneering, I also see people working in that process . . . the people who create economic value."
- Operations improvement pro, diversified multi-national corporation

What is the Capability Initiative?

This is a professional development program for an organization's operations improvement pros in particular, plus aspiring operations managers and others responsible for improving the performance and productivity of operations that depend on people.

Participation in this program can qualify participants to staff Project Initiatives as interns, in effect reducing humaneering project costs while accelerating humaneering competency. Completion of the program with satisfactory exam scores will qualify participants for humaneering IP-licensure by the Humaneering Institute and free their organization from dependence on external humaneering professionals.

The program begins with a 12-day, on-site, Humaneering Institute accredited workshop (3 separate 4-day events). This workshop prepares a cohort of up to 10 individuals to staff Project Initiatives as in-house humaneering practitioner interns. The 3 separate 4-day workshop events can be scheduled in three successive weeks for expediency, or across 9 to 12 weeks for greater convenience.

Next, this service supports the required 640 hours (or 3 in-house projects) of supervised internship and prepares candidates to pass the Humaneering Institute's IP-license qualifying examination. Intern supervision involves continuous personalized instruction and guidance, as internship is necessarily a rigorous process so as to enable candidates to achieve humaneering competency and to assure passing grades in the licensure exam.

Optional - Because of the interest in humaneering that develops within organizations experimenting with humaneering, the first 4-day workshop event is designed to include other organization members for the first hour, first day, and entire event. Clients frequently invite operations executives to the first hour, operations managers and employee representatives to the first day, and people in support functions to the entire 4-day event. The remaining 4-day workshop events are experiential and not suited for participants not directly involved in humaneering applications.

Upon completion of this service and successful licensure of one or more practitioners, the Humaneering Institute will require that you retain DesignedWORK for 3 years of Application Coaching support. For the client, this service provides essential application assistance. For the Humaneering Institute, the service provides assurances of your effective application of humaneering and compliance with practitioner quality standards. This requirement is reduced substantially in 3 years upon license renewal.

Who will provide this service?

One of our Humaneering Institute IP-licensed professionals will provide this service, supported by our humaneering specialists when helpful.

What do you need from us?

The Capability Initiative requires the intermittent presence of our licensed humaneering professional on site over an extended period of time (6 to 15 mo) to allow for workshop instruction, project leadership, and intern supervision. To this end, the following client support is very helpful:

  • Temporary workspace from which to work when on site, preferably near the program participants.

  • Arrangements for event facilities and participant comfort for the three workshops (we will provide the instructor and instructional materials).

  • Part-time assistance of a recognized organization member to help us source existing data, schedule interviews, coodinate meetings, etc.

What results can we anticipate?

  • Participants will develop humaneering competency and qualify as licensed humaneering practitioners

  • If the first workshop event is opened to operations executives, managers, employee representatives, and people in support functions, this will increase understanding and support for humaneering-based improvements throughout the operations organization

  • In-house humaneering capability will enable the organization to apply humaneering throughout its operations faster (kaizen events), cheaper (no external costs), easier (do it yourself), and smarter (acumen for your operations) than is possible relying on external consultants

  • As targeted applications of humaneering remove institutional performance constraints from people-dependent operations in order to improve performance and productivity, executives and managers will better recognize humaneering's potential to create systemic improvements and strategic advantage

What risk is involved?

DesignedWORK was selected by the nonprofit Humaneering Institute to be its exclusive provider of humaneering (beta) technology transfer and commercialization support to organizations. For this purpose we developed a program of application support services that minimize risk to encourage and enable organizations to learn about, experiment with, and capitalize on humaneering. For example, our service features include:

  • Fixed-cost agreements include all travel and other project-related expenses (no risk of runaway fees and expenses)

  • Guaranteed satisfaction - Client satisfaction is assured for all services, so our work is not done until you are fully satisfied (no downside financial risk)

  • Strict confidentiality extends beyond your NDA to our science-based protocol of not ever disclosing client names—not even for references—or anything about their operations, including their humaneering solutions (no risk to trade secrets or dilution of first-mover competitive advantage)

  • Generative presence results from a work style that is collaborative (not exclusive), supportive (not critical), measurement-guided (not opinionated), and resourceful (not dependent), thereby generating trust and cooperation (minimizing aversion to consultants and push-back from organization members)

What if we have more questions?

When you request our proposal for a Demonstration Initiative, the professional who will provide this service will call you to discuss your situation, objectives and preferences. This is an opportunity to get answers to your questions.

Alternatively, we invite you to send your questions at any time to our Client Services team, who will respond within 72 hours, 24/7/365.

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