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Discover the quickest, most cost-effective way to improve job performance

Redesign of a highly populated job can yield major performance improvements and productivity increases, reductions of people problems, and work that is easier to manage

"When it comes to improving the performance of people in our key roles like sales, technical and professional positions, customer services, and even supervision and frontline management roles — in several US and European units so far — DesignedWORK is in a league of their own. Their approach, focusing on the work system, creates surprising improvement across the workforce."
- COO for US-based multinational with diverse operations (exerpt from recent introduction)

What is Work-Design Consulting?

Work-design consulting focuses on optimizing the design of work performed by people, so as to maximize worker performance and productivity. This involves work itself (e.g., process roles, work analysis, task design, training), workers who "fit" the work (e.g., recruiting, selecting, assessment, development) and the work environment that enables and constrains worker performance (e.g., leadership, culture, management, compensation).

DesignedWORK's attention to the entire work system enables clients to achieve big performance gains with small systemic changes, and to achieve operational and financial results superior to competitors. In addition, this approach will resolve people problems that plague many operations and make people-dependent operations easier to manage.

To create these results, DesignedWORK maintains up-to-date practice expertise in all science disciplines that apply to work performed by people. This begins with numerous subdisciplines of biology, psychology and sociology, yet also includes the practice disciplines of industrial-organizational psychology, human resources, organization development, behavioral economics, operations management, industrial engineering, complex adaptive systems, and more. We synthesize the knowledge and methods for systemic application, and draw on this robust capability as helpful for each client's situation.

The range of DesignedWORK assignments includes:

  • Assessment of workforce-related situations, policies, management systems, training, individuals, etc.

  • Analysis and recommendations for resolving workforce problems or creating a workforce-based advantage

  • Turnkey initiatives to improve overall workforce outcomes, such as engagement, performance, productivity, satisfaction, retention, cost, etc.

  • Leadership, guidance, facilitation or support for organization changes

  • Redesign of high-population, people-dependent process roles (or jobs) for substantially increased effectiveness at lower costs

  • Design of important new roles (or jobs) for maximum effectiveness and results

  • Customized continual services for ongoing needs

Who will provide the service?

Every work-design consulting project, however small, is led by one of our Principal Consultants and supported by our consulting staff and members of your organization as appropriate and available.

What is the deal with humaneering?

Humaneering is the new universal technology for working with human nature (i.e., people), much as engineering has been our is technology for working with physical nature (i.e., things). The goal is to make it easier for organizations and individuals to utilize the vast knowledge of the human sciences when the situation involves people.

The first humaneering application, now in open-beta release, is the design and management of human work, which is DesignedWORK's specialization. In fact, DesignedWORK contributed its IP and worked with scholars in the development of this application, and since 2005 has supported the companies hosting humaneering field trials.

In January of this year, the Humaneering Institute outsourced its technology transfer function for this first application of humaneering to DesignedWORK. To fulfill this responsibility, we now offer a program of humaneering-based services that enable organizations to experiment with humaneering and to adopt it for internal use.

What is the flow of a typical project?

Most assignments begin, if not with a call or text from an existing client, then with an email request-for-proposal from a sales, service, logistics, or manufacturing VP, director or manager. They have a concern, a problem, or a critical need — some challenge related to work performance or workforce management, and often specific to a group or initiative.

DesignedWORK's Client Services team directs every email request-for-proposal to the appropriate consultant for quick response to arrange a call with the prospective client. During the call we learn about the challenge and outline the corresponding service we propose. Sometimes a meeting or follow-up call is helpful, but more often this first call is sufficient and followed-up in a day or two with an emailed proposal letter outlining the proposed service and terms.

Preparations begin immediately upon client acceptance, and the lead consultant is at the client site within a week for initial interviews. What happens now is specific to the project. Many projects begin by meeting with the client and interviewing stakeholders the client wants involved or at least considered. Next comes data collection and analysis that often involves reviewing company data, interviewing people with helpful perspective, observating work, facilitating group discussions, conducting surveys and field tests, and more.

DesignedWORK utilizes an agile project management approach for speed and flexibility, and keeps clients informed weekly of project achievements. Assignments are completed when (a) the scope of our work is completed, (b) the desired outcomes are achieved, and (c) the client is satisfied with our work.

What distinguishes DesignedWORK?

DesignedWORK is an innovator among professional service firms, most notably for integrating the expertise of several professional services to provide clients with seamless support for maximizing the performance and productivity of large-scale people-dependent operations. As well, clients tell us that the following business practices further distinguish DesignedWORK from the alternatives:

  • Clients first - A customer-centric mission and strategy that puts clients first results in services and terms that maximize economic value and convenience for clients.

  • Fixed-cost - Our quoted price is all-inclusive so clients don't need to be concerned with runaway fees and expenses.

  • Fast work - Quick response and agile project management results in the expedient completion of our work so client services take weeks vs. months.

  • Quick payback - Turnkey assignments achieve substantial results quickly on a modest investment, resulting in financial payback measured in days or weeks, not months or years.

  • Guaranteed satisfaction - Client satisfaction is assured for all services, so our work is not done until you are fully satisfied.

  • Strict confidentiality - Client identity and intellectual property are protected so clients can accrue the competitive advantages created by our work.

What if we have more questions?

When you request our Work-Design Consulting Proposal, the consultant who will provide this service will call you to discuss your situation, objectives and preferences. This is an opportunity to get answers to your questions.

Alternatively, we invite you to send your questions at any time to our Client Services team, who will respond within 72 hours, 24/7/365.

Request A Work-Design Consulting Proposal

DesignedWORK consulting services can be proposed, scheduled, and begin quickly, depending on your urgency. We use a quick and convenient process of email and phone contact to meet prospective clients, understand their situation and objectives, answer their questions, and incorporate their preferences into a proposal of our services. Select "Continue" for a brief review of this process and to request your proposal.

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