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YOUR people are the focus of the Discovery Initiative

Identify your operation's immediate financial opportunities with humaneering

Evaluate humaneering in cost/benefit terms based on its measured potential to resolve current people problems, increase today's performance and productivity, and make managing easier

"If we have improvement opportunities, I want to know about them."
- Operations GM, global logistics supplier

How does the Discovery Initiative work?

This service consists of a 3-day process focused on pinpointing opportunities for improvement by applying humaneering-based work design within your operation.

Day 1 is a full day of briefings to inform interested executives, managers and improvement pros about humaneering's potential for operations improvement (identical to our Briefing Initiative).

Day 2 entails a day-long walk-through tour and performance review of your operations. The emphasis will be on identifying (1) current people-related problems, (2) obvious potential for humaneering-based performance and productivity improvement, and (3) needs to reduce or simplify day-to-day managing.

Day 3 involves our facilitation of a small group (≤10) of operations managers and improvement pros in a structured process of assessing and value-ranking the identified opportunities for humaneering-based improvement.

This service includes 3 months of unlimited email and phone Continuing Assistance.

Who will provide this service?

One of our Humaneering Institute IP-licensed professionals will lead all three days of your Discovery Initiative. This person will have substantial expertise with humaneering's application, plus broad overall experience improving people-dependent operations.

What do you need from us?

To ensure an effective Discovery Initiative, the following client support is very helpful:

  • For Day 1, be responsible for the schedule, venues, participants and handouts

  • For Day 2, arrange for a somewhat detailed walk-through tour and performance review of your people-dependent operations

  • For Day 3, arrange for a meeting room with white board or flip chart and seating for up to 10 participants

  • For each day, select interested participants from among your executives, managers, and improvement pros. For Days 2 and 3, participants should expect to particpate actively and play a substantial role in the day's process (detailed further in our proposal).

Will we get to apply humaneering?

Yes, yet only conceptually. The goal of the Discovery Initiative is to first inform your executives, managers, and improvement pros about humaneering and then collaborate with a smaller group of them to identify, assess, and value-rank high-potential humaneering applications. The second phase of this process (Days 2 and 3) involves conceptual application of humaneering's main effects, yet does not include hands-on application.

If you are interested in experiencing the hands-on application of humaneering, please consider the Demonstration Initiative for a partial application or the Project Initiative for a turnkey application.

What results can we anticipate?

  • Most participants will have a clear and consistent awareness of humaneering's immediate operations-improvement potential

  • Suggestions from participants will identify potential applications, such as process performance that can be increased, persistent people problems that can be resolved, and operations that can be made easier to manage

  • A value-ranked list of qualified opportunities for humaneering-based improvement of your operations and, for those managers and improvement pros involved, the experience, insight, and conviction that arise from collaborating in the list's development

  • Sufficient knowledge and perspective to make an informed decision regarding humaneering-based work design . . . whether to explore it further now, or reconsider it at a later time

What risk is involved?

DesignedWORK was selected by the nonprofit Humaneering Institute to be its exclusive provider of humaneering (beta) technology transfer and commercialization support to organizations. For this purpose we developed a program of application support services that minimize risk to encourage and enable organizations to learn about, experiment with, and capitalize on humaneering. For example, our service features include:

  • Fixed-cost agreements include all travel and other project-related expenses (no risk of runaway fees and expenses)

  • Guaranteed satisfaction - Client satisfaction is assured for all services, so our work is not done until you are fully satisfied (no downside financial risk)

  • Strict confidentiality extends beyond your NDA to our science-based protocol of not ever disclosing client names—not even for references—or anything about their operations, including their humaneering solutions (no risk to trade secrets or dilution of first-mover competitive advantage)

  • Generative presence results from a work style that is collaborative (not exclusive), supportive (not critical), measurement-guided (not opinionated), and resourceful (not dependent), thereby generating trust and cooperation (minimizing aversion to consultants and push-back from organization members)

What if we have more questions?

When you request our proposal for a Discovery Initiative, the professional who will provide this service will call you to discuss your situation, objectives and preferences. This is an opportunity to get answers to your questions.

Alternatively, we invite you to send your questions at any time to our Client Services team, who will respond within 72 hours, 24/7/365.

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