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Learn about our core services

  • Client Services Overview - A brief synopsis of DesignedWORK's core services

  • Work-Design Consulting - A systemic and sustainable way to improve people-dependent work performance and productivity

  • Speaking & Instructing - A message or program to support managers, engineers and HR in better understanding and improving people-dependent operations

  • Humaneering Technology Transfer - A program of services to progressively advance your organization's knowledge of humaneering and experience applying it to resolve workforce challenges and improve people-dependent performance and productivity
    • Briefing - Hear about and discuss humaneering
      Discovery - Identify your operation's immediate opportunities
      Project - Apply humaneering to an important problem or opportunity
      Capability - Enable your operations-improvement pros with humaneering
      Support - Count on DesignedWORK to have your back

Learn about how we improve performance and productivity

  • People-Dependent Work - Discover why the work performed by people is an untapped opportunity to improve the performance and productivity of many operations

  • Biopsychosocial Dimentions of Nature - Learn how companies can use what biology, psychology, and sociology teach us about human nature to improve people-dependent work performance and productivity

  • Humaneering Technology - Learn why humaneering is advancing the design and management of people-dependent operations

  • Designed Work - Discover why better designing work increases its performance potential and makes managing easier

  • Evidence-Based Work Design - Learn how solid evidence improves work design, creating improved results and reduced risks

  • Knowledge Work - Find out why industry pioneers and early adopters are beginning to focus on substantial untapped potential to increase the productivity of knowledge work

  • Manage With Design - Consider how operations managers can manage by design, increasing performance and reducing the day-to-day time it takes to manage

Learn from these additional resources

  • Email us your questions - Still have questions? Send your questions to our Client Services team, and we will respond promptly.

  • A Case for Humaneering (May 2002) - Article appearing in IIE Solutions, a magazine of the Institute for Industrial Engineers and Managers, written by Dr. James Pepitone, then Managing Director of an operations-improvement consulting firm. (PDF 137KB)

  • Humaneering technology's purpose and development (2009) - Explained by nonprofit Humaneering Institute directors Dr. Robert Wyatt and Don Combs. (Video 7min 30sec)

  • How humaneering complements engineering (2009) - Explained by the nonprofit Humaneering Institute's 2009-2012 EarlyAccess program director, Dr. James Pepitone. (Video - 8min)

  • Search for Opportunities (2013) - Unpublished article guides operations managers to high-potential quick-payoff improvement opportunities. (PDF - Coming Soon)

  • Client Perspectives (2013) - Here's advice from NDA-silenced operations managers participating in humaneering's private beta field trials. (PDF - Coming Soon)

  • FAQs - Here's a collection of the most frequently asked questions we receive, and our responses. (Coming Soon)