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Our proposal to outline DesignedWORK's approach and terms is nearly on its way

Our services can be proposed, scheduled and prepared to begin within a week or less, depending on your urgency.

We first need to hear from you by email with a brief statement of your situation and objectives, and suggested times when you can talk by phone. We will reply by email to confirm the call time that is mutually convenient.

In the call we want to discuss your situation in further detail and review with you some alternatives we can offer for achieving your objectives. Then we will complete and forward our proposal to you within a day, and await your go-ahead.

Select "Request Proposal" to start a pre-addressed email message

When you are ready, select "Request Proposal" to start a pre-addressed email message to our Client Services team.

Here are some topics to include in your message:

Service Reference Links
Capability Initiative

  • The number, current roles and locations of the candidates
  • The nature and location(s) of your operations
  • Your objectives for this initiative
  • Any essential requirements and preferences
  • A few specific times when you are available for a 30-minute call

Email us to learn how we can achieve your objectives

Please include in the message a few sentences about the topics outlined above, so that our professional can prepare to discuss them with you.

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