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Our Approach

DesignedWORK puts clients first

DesignedWORK has the flexibility to design its services around the objectives of clients. We have adopted several practices that are widely appreciated, yet remain open to flexing these too:

Fixed-cost agreements

DesignedWORK proposals are fixed-cost agreements, establishing up-front for the client the full cost for services. This fixed cost even includes all travel and other project-related expenses incurred by DesignedWORK associates, thereby eliminating cost estimates and client exposure to out-of-control fees and expenses.

Fast payback projects

Another way we can make the trial and adoption of humaneering affordable is by encouraging clients to start-out with projects that are quick and easy wins, offering fast payback and high returns for the expense. Often referred to as low-hanging fruit, DesignedWORK has substantial experience with spotting projects that recoup client expenses within weeks.

Guaranteed satisfaction

DesignedWORK wants clients to be confident in the services they will receive. That's why we guarantee client satisfaction, and don't consider our work complete until the client is fully pleased with the results achieved through our work.

Strict confidentiality

DesignedWORK does not divulge the names of its clients, nor the specific solutions (i.e., client IP) developed for them. In a marketplace in which IP secrecy is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, what began as standard research protocol for early field experiments has evolved into a client-valued policy of privacy protection. DesignedWORK will not ever disclose client names—not even for references—or solutions so as to preserve a client's trade secret, first-mover, and record-performance competitive advantages accruing from work design.

Generative presence

DesingedWORK employs a work style that is collaborative (not exclusive), supportive (not critical), measurement-guided (not opinionated), and resourceful (not dependent). This approach generates trust and cooperation within client organizations, and helps to minimize any potential for push-back from organization members.