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DesignedWORK is a pioneer in productivity improvement


DesignedWORK was founded in 2002 to specialize in and advance the systemic design and improvement of human work in large-scale people-dependent operations.

DesignedWORK utilizes science-based methods to design work for organizations of all sizes, in virtually all industries and regions of the world. DesignedWORK's clients experience higher levels of human work effectiveness and productivity, and avoid many of the costly people-related problems other companies endure (e.g., low engagement, mediocre performance, undesirable turnover, recruiting challenges, etc.).

In January 2005, DesignedWORK began to provide support to clients of the nonprofit Humaneering Institute who were experimenting with alpha releases of humaneering technology.

2009 - 2012

In March 2009, DesignedWORK contracted with the nonprofit Humaneering Institute to manage the application trials of humaneering technology's private-beta release. This included hands-on project support to the major companies experimenting within their operations with this new technology.


The nonprofit Humaneering Institute outsourced its technology transfer and commercialization operations to DesignedWORK.

DesignedWORK developed a special program of humaneering-application support services to both minimize perceived risk and maximize economic value and convenience for clients.

In July 2013, DesignedWORK soft-launches the Humaneering Institute's open-beta release of humaneering technology.