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YOUR people are the focus of the Project Initiative

Make your operations more productive, more adaptive, and easier to manage

Witness firsthand how humaneering capitalizes on human nature to manage the dynamic complexity of human work systems and achieve personal-best performance levels from people

"In our field test, the humaneering solution easily beat a 50% pay increase on both the speed and size of the sales improvement. I'm lucky I didn't make the bet."
- External OD consultant supporting B2B sales function of major high tech firm

How does the Project Initiative work?

This service applies humaneering in a turnkey process and will improve any operation that depends on people. From start through implementation, our focus is on applying humaneering's powerful methods to guide you toward work-system design decisions that quickly and cost-effectively achieve your improvement objective.

You select the target (a role/job or people-dependent process, function or operation) and objective (increase performance or productivity, resolve a people problem, make managing easier), and provide the required support (primarily access and cooperation). Our licensed humaneering professional and specialists, collaborating with your people who volunteer to be involved, will systematically apply humaneering to provide you with new insight and new alternatives for your situation, and to guide you through solution development, testing, and implementation that achieves the objective.

Because each situation is unique and always changing, humaneering is best applied with a systematic yet adaptable process and agile style of project management. There are 2 major phases. Phase 1 focuses on assessing the operation's work performed by people, and involves data gathering and analysis, plus data synthesis and system mapping. Phase 2 focuses on redesigning this work system to make the improvements you want, and involves solution design, development, testing and implementation.

This service is performed primarily on site, though we rely on off-site specialists within DesignedWORK and the Humaneering Institute and its INSIGHT automated decision-support system, which is capable of a precise data synthesis and human work-system optimization.

The application of humaneering reflects a learning curve that is based both on disciplined practice with humaneering, and on clear comprehension of the people-side of the target operation. First projects, for practitioners and for target operations, require more time and effort (and cost) than subsequent projects. What may initially require 8 to 12 weeks becomes a 1- to 4-week process, potentially requiring no more time and effort than many kaizen events.

This service includes 6 months of unlimited email and phone Continuing Assistance.

Who will provide this service?

One of our Humaneering Institute IP-licensed professionals will lead this effort, supported by one or more of our humaneering specialists and your volunteer participants.

What do you need from us?

First-time projects require our presence on site intermittently for 2 up to 4 months. As well, our work requires reasonable access to data and people, plus the collaborative involvement of operations executives, managers and improvement pros. To this end, the following client support is very helpful:

  • Securable conference room or office from which to work, preferably in the vacinity of the target operation.

  • Part-time assistance of a recognized organization member to help us source existing data, schedule interviews, coodinate meetings, etc.

Will you train our people?

Yes. We can either teach your volunteers just enough to support and contribute to this project or, if you concurrently select our Capability Initiative, we will utilize this project to begin their development into humaneering specialists or licensed humaneering professionals.

What results can we anticipate?

  • This project will achieve or exceed its objective, and do so in a manner that is well received and sustainable, and in addition will reveal additional potential for improvements that are outside the scope of this project and even outside the target operation

  • Involved operation executives, managers, improvement pros, and other participants from your organization will begin to understand and appreciate fundamental humaneering principles, methods, and perspectives, and to develop new insights into the current and potential performance of the target operation

  • Management will develop new perspective on managing operations, deeper insight into the target operation's human work system, and a clearer understanding of how people and their human nature impact operation performance and productivity

  • Sufficient knowledge and perspective for operations executives, managers and improvement pros to assess the potential of humaneering to substantially improve any operation that depends on people.

What risk is involved?

DesignedWORK was selected by the nonprofit Humaneering Institute to be its exclusive provider of humaneering (beta) technology transfer and commercialization support to organizations. For this purpose we developed a program of application support services that minimize risk to encourage and enable organizations to learn about, experiment with, and capitalize on humaneering. For example, our service features include:

  • Fixed-cost agreements include all travel and other project-related expenses (no risk of runaway fees and expenses)

  • Guaranteed satisfaction - Client satisfaction is assured for all services, so our work is not done until you are fully satisfied (no downside financial risk)

  • Strict confidentiality extends beyond your NDA to our science-based protocol of not ever disclosing client names—not even for references—or anything about their operations, including their humaneering solutions (no risk to trade secrets or dilution of first-mover competitive advantage)

  • Generative presence results from a work style that is collaborative (not exclusive), supportive (not critical), measurement-guided (not opinionated), and resourceful (not dependent), thereby generating trust and cooperation (minimizing aversion to consultants and push-back from organization members)

What if we have more questions?

When you request our proposal for a Demonstration Initiative, the professional who will provide this service will call you to discuss your situation, objectives and preferences. This is an opportunity to get answers to your questions.

Alternatively, we invite you to send your questions at any time to our Client Services team, who will respond within 72 hours, 24/7/365.

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