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Knowledge workers want to know new and advanced methods for maximizing their effectiveness, resolving persistent people problems, and making their work easier

"I'm impressed. I try to keep up on what's new in workforce management, but in the last hour I've learned more about how to sustainably improve the performance of our sales people, plus how to make my job easier, than I've learned in any book or course. I came to learn, and learn I did. We need more of this."
- Regional Sales Manager for industrial supply manufacturer (comment made to client's HR representative)

What will DesignedWORK do for us?

Company and association event planners . . . DesignedWORK will provide you with a science-based program that enables your participants to raise their performance level at work.

Whether you want a keynote or a multi-day workshop, DesignedWORK's instructional designers will create a customized program that achieves your objectives, in part by intimately focusing on the development needs and untapped potential of your participants. And our talented and experienced consultants will deliver this content in a way that engages, inspires, and changes your participants.

DesignedWORK draws from a deep understanding of people to provide your participants with new insights into their current behavior and development potential. This understanding stems from over 20+ years of designing human work for major-company operations, and is further grounded by our working knowledge of more than 26 human-work-related science disciplines. With this understanding, we can touch your people in a way that is personal and compelling, and that invites development and performance improvement.

Most important, we do not begin with a program in hand and try to convince you that it is what you need. We first learn about your participants' challenges and only then draw upon our knowledge from relevant disciplines to create a program that achieves your objective.

Furthermore, the program we develop for you will likely dive into the participants' work (e.g., process roles, work analysis, task design, training, performance support), their role as workers (e.g., talents, values, personalities, competencies, personal motives, development needs) and their work environment (e.g., culture, compensation, recruiting, leadership, performance management).

Having a DesignedWORK program at your event will provide your participants with enabling knowledge for their professional development, and with a lasting memory of their overall event experience.

Who's your best audience?

DesignedWORK specializes in "knowledge" workers, or people in work roles where they create economic value by innovating and applying knowledge. . . roles such as sales, customer services, direct services, all kinds of technical and professional work, plus managers and executives.

The work of knowledge workers is very different from the highly standardized industrial and administrative work for which today's management methods were conceived. This is why knowledge workers respond better to a very different set of management and performance-improvement methods.

In order to fully grasp the challenges of knowledge workers, DesignedWORK draws on the latest science relevant to people and work from 26 theory and practice disciplines. These science disciplines include industrial-organizational psychology, behavioral economics, organization development, positive psychology, complex-adaptive systems, behavioral operations, human factors and leadership, to name some.

Each discipline contibutes vital knowledge and insight, and altogether provide DesignedWORK with a transdisciplinary perspective that yields powerful insights and methods for optimizing the design and maximizing the results of all work performed by people.

Who are your featured speakers?

DesignedWORK's consultants are recommended for specific events based on their "fit" with your objectives, the program design and content, and your participant group.

How do we book you for our event?

Use our email request-for-proposal (see below) to let us know about your event and what you plan to accomplish. DesignedWORK's Client Services team will determine who is potentially best suited for your event and forward your request to them for a direct reply to you that will propose a telephone discussion to learn even more about your event.

During the call our consultant will ask about your situation, objectives, plans, hopes, requirements, budget, and so on. Sometimes a meeting or follow-up call is helpful, but more often this first call is sufficient and followed-up in a day or two with an emailed "draft" proposal letter outlining the proposed program and agreement terms. We'll follow-up with a call to walk you through the program, answer your questions and make changes, and email a "finalized" proposal letter for your consideration.

What if we have questions now?

We invite you to send your questions at any time to our Client Services team, who will respond within 72 hours, 24/7/365.

What are some typical program themes?

» For managers and executives

  • Design work for the results you need - Most organizations design processes, yet fail to design the the work of people in key roles/jobs. The result is excessive wasted opportunity and wasted resources. Learn how to design work for the results you need.

  • Managing by design - Today's flat and more dynamic networked organizations do not achieve their potential when managed with industrial management methods. Learn how to "manage by design" and to make systemic changes that maximize performance.

  • Workforce yield management - Find out why everyone in your organization is NOT working at their "personal best." Consider how easily you can lead your organization toward this goal, and learn about the improved results you should expect.

  • Operations humaneering - Learn how to put "human nature" to work in your business operations. It's the best, fastest, cheapest, easiest, and smartest way to maximize employee productivity, solve people problems, and make managing easier.

» For employees and independents

  • Work is more than showing up! - We reframe the importance of work to life itself, provide a model for anyone to maximize the economic value they create with their work, and re-engage people to more effectively respond to the constraints they face.

  • Yes you can! - Gently, we pull away the excuses that hold people in their current routines. We help them see how they have already quit on the job, and guide them to find inside what it takes to maximize their immediate opportunity.

  • Achieving your "personal best" - Each of us is unique, our current situation is unique, and our life will be unique. Copying others, or settling for what others settle for, makes no sense. We help people see their actual potential, and take initiative to achieve it.

  • Do you understand your motivation? - Motivation causes us to take initiative and enables us achieve, and yet few people understand how their motives arise to direct and fuel their behavior. We reveal this aspect of human nature so people can capitalize on it.

Can you give me an example?

DesignedWORK's approach to speaking and instruction is to design, develop and deliver a program that gives knowledge workers deep insight into what is now blocking their individual and team work (or for managers, the operations they manage) from achieving higher levels of performance. Participants typically learn why this is happening and how to break through their "situational bottleneck" so as to achieve at higher levels and more fully capitalize their potential.

For example, a recent program was designed for managers who were generally frustrated with the unimpressive performance of their field sales people. A quick review showed that these sales people were more capable than their results indicated, however what the managers explained as a lack of individual effort was more accurately characterized as a management method prescribing that "the beatings would continue until morale improved."

Our program focused on freeing the managers from the limiting concept that people are equivalent to the results they create at work. Despite this still widespread belief, solid research over the past 50 years makes it clear that about 90% of the factors that determine the results people create at work are outside of their direct control.

We wanted managers to see that they could increase their influence over the performance of their people by realizing that the results people create at work are determined more by the culture in place and methods used where they work, and these are typically inherited by the current manager.

Most work cultures have been neglected, not optimized, because the impact of culture on human performance was not understood or appreciated. Furthermore, many of today's management methods are based on decades-old economic and behavioral principles that have been proven lacking or simply no longer apply to today's knowledge workers, their work, or the work environment.

What managers need in a case like this is not a pep talk or some tired bromide that sends them runing back into the wall one more time. To resolve this dilemma they need a more precise and deeper understanding of (a) people and their work-related behavior, (b) what is constraining the manager's operation from achieving at higher levels, and (c) practical methods that are proven to remove or at the least reduce these constraints. This is precisely what DesignedWORK provided to the audience, within the context of an engaging developmental experience.

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