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YOUR people are the focus of the Support Initiative

Create a humaneering advantage with DesignedWORK's strategic support

Depend on our follow-up, application expertise, vendor product-and-service design innovation, and strategic perspective to exploit your potential for a humaneering-based competitive advantage

"Hey, Wilson again. Bob's now concerned with how we should handle the other divisions. It only makes sense that we use humaneering there, doesn't it? He's wondering how quickly we can get their operations redesigned"
- Division CFO, global electronic equipment supplier (voice mail)

How does the Support Initiative work?

DesignedWORK represents the Humaneering Institute for technology transfer and commercialization, and has since 2009. During this time we have initiated a broad array of client-specific support services, which we recently grouped into four categories to simplify your selection. Which of these services can we customize for you?


Consistent with our commitment to encourage and enable organizations to learn about and experiment with humaneering, we provide 3 months of unlimited follow-up email and phone support with our Briefing Initiative and Discovery Initiative services, and 6 months with our Demonstration Initiative and Project Initiative services. This way, we can support clients with information and acumen as they consider humaneering's potential in their operations.

Continuing Assistance makes it possible for clients to extend the unlimited email and phone support on a semi-annual basis with minimal expense. Clients have the option of expanding the service level to add on-site support, such as additional briefings, meetings and operations reviews.


Our Capability Initiative service provides the required professional training and development for internal operations improvement pros and other client employees to become licensed humaneering practitioners. During this 6- to 15-month program our humaneering professional provides close support as internal practitioners complete the requirements for licensure and develop humaneering competency.

Application Coaching makes it possible for clients to extend this close support after licensure. Clients configure a custom support relationship from a menu of options. The Humaneering Institute's Quality and Compliance Audit requirements for licensees can be bundled into this service.

Have more questions?

When you request a proposal for one of our Support Initiative services, a professional who now provides this support will call to discuss your situation, objectives and preferences. This is one opportunity to get answers. Alternatively, we invite you to send questions now to our Client Services team, who will respond within 72 hours.


Products and services that support the design and management of people-dependent operations will be impacted by humaneering. Some vendors are already getting requests to incorporate humaneering principles and methods into their products and services. Other vendors are getting in front of the situation by innovating products and services based on humaneering.

Our Vendor Innovation service extablishes a retainer relationship to assure support as requested. Examples of support provided include humaneering education and development updates, product/service reviews and recommendations, product/service idea generation and development support, and immediate question response.


Knowledge of humaneering and its impact in operations inevitably raises broader questions about today's conventional approaches to work design and management, and about what's possible. The release of humaneering technology is likely to have broad economic effects, which naturally raises questions and concerns.

Strategic Perspective includes a wide range of customized support focused on the probable impact of humaneering technology on a particular interest, and the related strategic opportunities and threats. We provide analyses, assessments, presentations, periodic updates, strategy development, and new venture support.

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DesignedWORK uses a 4-step email- and phone-based process to meet prospective clients, understand their situation and objectives, answer their questions, incorporate their preferences, compose a letter proposal and assure mutual agreement. Select "Continue" for a brief review of this process and to request your proposal.

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